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We can create an application to use the users' face as a security verification. Facial recognition systems have a wide range of commercial, government and military applications, to name a few. The system is also slated for use in airports to speed up identity verification processes and to increase security. The system can be used in many areas of security for identification purposes, such as logging in to a system, sounding the alarm, sending SMS or opening up a door! This application can be further customized upon request
As all of us understand, you need the correct and valid data in order for you to make the right business decision. When you do not have the correct data, the wrong decision is made thus leading your business out of track. Advanced Binary Networks can provide these business tools:-

1) Project Management

2) Human Resource Management

3) Customer Relationship Management

4) Asset Management

Make your business decision based on the geographical data. Our system is integrate with global standard coordinate and able to pinpoint up until the road level data. Let us know your imagination as our system can be customised on what end user want to see on their screen so that best business decision can be made.
Fast and reliable communication tool, Short Messaging System and Voice Over Internet Protocol! Send news or information in brief and faster way. Our system can be intergrate with any kind of system that you have. If your are working in manufacturing environment, imagine to have SMS send to you whenever you are running low in your raw material. Call and talk with person at the other side of the planet with fast, free and high quality sound transmission. The application is unlimited, we will let you imagine and we will realize your imagination!

Your company can show and tell the current business to the whole world using a web page. A good web page design is a must!

We can help you to create a professional looking web page for your company in order to show your existance to the whole wide world! With our expertise in designing web sites, we can assure your business existance to the whole world.

Contact us to discuss further.

Compete with the whole world by increasing your sales online.

We can provide E-commerce solution together with payment using highly secure payment gateway that accepts credit/debit card (VISA/Mastercard/American Express) transaction so that you may run your business online!

Start selling your product to the whole world now by contact us now.

In a mass production of electronic devices, where speed and accuracy are vital, you need the best equipment match with a good software solution for your production. We can design and provide the right solution for your DC and AC measurement. By using our solution, you can measure current/voltage (AC/DC), 2- and 4- wire resistance, temperature (using thermistor, RTDs or thermocouples), frequency and period. With very high speed measurement, the accurate data captured can be store inside database for further usage.

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Need to integrate anything in this world to the software, we can do it for you! For example, you need a smart solution for your garden to water your plant whenever the soil dry and at the same time send SMS notification and update to your database for further retrieval? It can be done!

With our capability, you just tell us what, how and where you want it, we will realize your dream. Contact us now!

ActivTrak is an free cloud-based productivity monitoring service. By tracking application and web usage on your workstations, it allows you to answer the question - "Who's doing what and for how long."
We provide solution to print out barcode label to track your items. This will make your item more managable and your task much more easy to handle. The solution that we provide help others to get the job and business more efficient and get more job done.


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